Licorne AIO

Featuring more than 50 highly advanced modules, Licorne AIO (All-In-One), is one of the most complete SEO and Internet Marketing software solution you can currently find in the market today.


The Ultimate Search Engine Optimization Software

Introduction to Licorne AIO

Licorne AIO (All-In-One) is the Ultimate SEO Software from Licorne Solutions. By combining more than 50 highly advanced techniques and features for SEO, Licorne AIO has not only surpassed but will destroy all conventional SEO software currently in the market today!

A keywords, links, blogs, articles & directories harvester? A backlinker? A blog commenter? An article spinner & submitter? An auto blogger? A social network automation tool? A forum poster? A captcha solver? An account & email creator?

Yes, you get all of the above and more with Licorne AIO! With the massive amount of features available, there will be no shortage of techniques to ensure that you dominate the Search Engines and your competitors!


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What makes Licorne AIO the Ultimate SEO Software?

  • Revolutionary All-In-One SEO Software
  • More than 50 Unique SEO Cutting Edge Techniques
  • Fully Automated & User Friendly
  • Improved Search Rankings
  • Increased User Traffic
  • Unlimited Support & Updates

Content Creation

Feature Description
Article Scraper Harvests & Collects articles from article directories like Ezines/Articlesbase/Goarticles with formats preserved.
Article Spinner Highly advanced AI substitutes words with synonyms to produce millions of unique articles.
Fact Finder Retrieves hundreds & thousands of facts about a topic to ease writing.

All-In-One Scraping

Feature Description
Blog Comment Scraper Harvests highly relevant blog comments from wordpress blogs to be used for commenting.
Email Scraper Harvests emails from supplied webpages or links.
Google Image Scraper Harvests Google Images to collect relevant images.
Google Suggest Scraper Harvests Google Suggest to uncover thousands of hidden keywords.
Link Extractor Harvests links from supplied urls of live webpages.
Proxy Scraper Harvests free and active proxies for usage.
Search Engine Scraper Harvests Google’s results based of keyword(s).
Tweet Scraper Harvests keyword based tweets.
Url Scraper Harvests urls found from webpages or links.
Whois Scraper Harvests registrant email, registration & expiry dates of domains.
Yahoo Answer Scraper Harvests yahoo answers.
YouTube Video URL and Comment Scraper Harvests YouTube Videos’ urls and comments.

All-In-One Submission

Feature Description
Article Submitter Submits articles to thousands of article directories.
Commenter Posts comments on blogs to increase keyword ranking and backlinks.
Directory Submitter Benefit from the thousands of ratings provided by the directories when you submit your website.
RSS Submitter Submits specified website’s RSS feed to RSS directories for more viewership.
Social Bookmark Submitter Submits bookmarks to thousands of Pligg sites.
WordPress Publisher Easily post content to WordPress blogs.

Web 2.0 Automation

Feature Description
Account Creation Project Automatically creates blogspot, wordpress and other supported websites’ accounts.
Auto Blogger Fetches content(text, images & videos) from RSS Feeds, Spins content to create uniqueness and Posts content to specified blogs automatically.
Auto Fill Built-in highly advanced AI detects username, email, password and other form fields and performs automated form input.
Blog Publishing Project Automatically creates articles on blogs and publishes them.
Content Aggregator Automatically create full html website with keyword-based articles and advertisement content.
Hotmail Account Creator Create Hotmail Accounts without the trouble of filling up forms.
WordPress Money Site Generator Automatically create SEO friendly, WordPress website with Adsense Optimised Theme and Keyword Based Articles.

Keyword Research

Feature Description
Keyword Analyzer Assesses competition for specific keyword(s) by analyzing top Google results and comparing PR, number of backlinks, validity of keyword(s) in the title, description, h1 h2 h3 tags and more.
Google Batch Checker Assesses number of results from Google from the specified keywords.

Useful Miscellaneous Tools

Feature Description
Bulk Pinger Pings specified websites to Search Engines to increase the rate of indexing.
Copyscape Checker Detect duplicate content and check if your articles are original with Copyscape.
Exact Match Domain Availability Checker Uses advanced algorithm to determine a domain’s availability. (Able to process 10000 domains in 60 seconds!)
Email Verifier Automatically verifies emails which requires activation.
Footprint Generator Combine keywords and footprints to create more resources for scraping.
Keyword Density Checker Returns the Keyword Density of an article.
Link Analyzer Detects and determines “do-follow”, “out-bounding links” and other information.
Link Checker Detects if specified urls are present in links list.
Link Filter Removes urls containing a set of specified keywords from the links list.
Link List Manager Save, import, export, analyze, remove, check the specified links list.
Link Trimmer Removes duplicates and urls from the links list.
Mass Indexer Create backlinks on statistics websites.
PR Checker Determines the Page Ranking of links.
Rank Tracker Tracks Google’s ranking for a combination of keyword(s) and url.

Consistent Database Updates

Feature Description
Article Directories Links These article directories links provide you the sources to automatically submit your articles to.
Blog Commenting Auto Approved Links These auto approved links ensures the best possible success rates while utilizing Commenter.
Directory Submitter Websites These directory submitter websites allow your website to be listed and also serve as backlinks.
Indexer List Enables quick indexing of your website.
Proxy Sources This list of proxy sources allows you to harvest proxies for your use.
Social Bookmarking Websites These websites allow visitors to save your website as a bookmark.
Badword List This list allows you to filter urls, keywords and more.
Footprint List This list allows you to generate more keywords.

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System specifications required for Licorne AIO to work.

Minimum Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows XP / Vista / 7
  • Software: .NET Framwork 3.5+ and Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010 (32 bit)
  • Bandwidth: 512kbps+
  • Storage space: 50MB
  • RAM: 512MB

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This software is the property of Licorne Solutions and cannot be reproduced or re-sold by any person or group without being purchased for a fee from, or having a written consent from Licorne Solutions. Any unauthorized reproduction, reselling or cracking of this software is subject to legal action. Due to the nature of this software, Licorne Solutions will not be responsible for undesirable results and actions resulting from the users using this software. The success that this software may or may not provide is solely based on the individual using it.

Licorne AIO
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